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Fixed obligation grants (FOGs) are used to support specific development activities where both the grant donor and recipient understand the costs required to meet certain deliverables and carry out specific activities. IMA provides FOGs to regional and district government to enable the government to plan its nutrition activities and practise allocating these funds. Using FOGs promotes ownership and buy-in from the government at all levels and increases the likelihood that the government will own and sustain stunting reduction activities following the project’s end. This document describes strategies ASTUTE has used to successfully implement FOGs, as well as lessons learnt and recommendations.

Fixed obligation grants for government accountability

Kutumia ruzuku wajibifu kuinua dhamira ya serikali na matokeo chanya katika kutanzua udumavu

This template provides an easy-to-follow approach to monitor FOGs, by milestone. It also allows for comment on progress for each deliverable. 

FOG deliverables checklist

Mapitio ya kukamilika matokeo tarajiwa ya utekelezaji: orodha ya ufuatiliaji mambo muhimu kwa ruzuku wajibu kwa ngazi za wilaya na mikoa

This is an easy-to-use form that LGA government authorities use to report on their activities on a regular basis. This report replaces the need for lengthy narratives and increases the chance that LGAs will complete the forms in a timely fashion.

Performance report template

Fomu ya taarifa ya ufanisi wa kiutendaji

This document contains guidance on how to write a field-based success story as part of a communications package.

Success story template

Fomu ya kukusanya simulizi za mafanikio

This document provides an example of what a FOG agreement might look like: 

Example FOG agreement

This document provides 1) a rationale for more fully including the disabled in nutrition programmes 2) a summary of what Tanzanian law says about working with disabled populations 3) guidance for programme implementers, and 4) links to additional resources.

Accounting for disabilities in stunting programmes

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