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This form was used in ASTUTE’s initial census and includes questions to elicit basic socio-demographic information. This information was then used to target households with pregnant women and children <2 years of age. All M&E forms include instructions and definitions of terms.

Registration form for beneficiaries Maelekezo na ufafanuzi wa kujaza fomu ya usajili wa kaya zenye walengwa


The household visit form is filled out by the CHW every time he or she conducts a home visit. The form includes space to record the major behaviours CHWs promote in a given visit, as well as visit date. This form is important because it helps CHWs keep track of which behaviours they have (and have not) negotiated with the family. In the aggregate, the form also helps programme planners and implementers understand which topics are being covered and whether some topics (e.g., WASH and gender) are not being given enough attention.

Home visit form Karatasi ya maelekezo na ufafanuzi wa maneno yaliyotumika


This document lists operations research presentations, publications, manuals, and other documents Cornell University produced under the ASTUTE project. It also lists presentations and publications produced as part of a joint collaboration between ASTUTE and Brigham Young University. Many of these papers and presentations used ASTUTE’s baseline and mid-line data.

Operations research to improve programs


This document describes the operations research designed and conducted by Cornell University, in collaboration with IMA World Health and the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFNC), to strengthen ASTUTE intervention efforts through exploration of attitudes and conditions around infant and young child feeding (IYCF) behaviours and local capacity to deliver quality and effective interventions. 

Operations research update


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